Anybody who does not comply with the internal rules can be removed at any time. 

Internal rules of the Mandre Campsite

  • Barbecues are only permitted at the designated sites.
  • You must respect the environment and leave the site in its original condition.
  • You must take away your litter.
  • Anybody wanting to stay for more than 3 days must give prior notice.
  • Swimming and water sports are forbidden.
  • Noise must be kept at a minimum level between 9pm and 8am.
  • You mustn’t make fires with wood from the campsite.

Internal rules for fishing

  • 3 lines per fisherman, 2 lines for those fishing for predatory fish.
  • Fishermen must remain close to their fishing spot (one spot per fisherman).
  • Water supplies, toilets, and bins are available for you to use.
  • Fishing with dead bait is permitted.
  • Please respect noise regulations before 8am.
  • Leave your cars at the entrance of the campsite and do not slam car doors.
  • Speak quietly.
  • The showers are reserved for campers only.